Doing up the garden - how to keep busy during lockdown

These are unprecedented times, and it is very important that we look after our mental health while under lockdown.

While the daily routine may have changed, cutting down on our opportunities to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, there are many ways you can improve your garden. This will give you a place to soak up the sun, get some fresh air or just have a change of scene after being stuck in the house.

Here are our top tips to improve your outside space during the Covid-19 lockdown:


Create a play area for the kids

Children may be affected even more emotionally than adults by the pandemic.

After all, schools are closed, they aren’t able to see their friends, literally everything about the day to day routine has changed. Combined with the fact that children are simply less emotionally mature, this is a potential powder keg.

You can mitigate some of the stress for your children by creating a play area in the garden. Depending on their age, they may be able to be involved in designing or decorating the area.

A trampoline, seesaw or swing set is a great way for your children to remain active during the lockdown, and blow off steam.

Put a layer of soft play bark around any play sets to protect during falls, as well as suppress weed growth.


Eat outside

Whether you have a barbeque area, or simply take food from the kitchen out to the garden, having a meal outside is a great way to enjoy your garden after a day largely stuck indoors.

Add some garden furniture so you have a place to sit and relax during an al fresco meal.


Create a vegetable garden

You can buy many types of seeds online from the large garden centres and independent retailers.

Lettuce is easy to grow in the soil. If you have minimal garden space, potatoes, tomatoes and some species of carrots do well in containers.

A vegetable garden can also be used to bring variety to your diet if some things aren’t available in the supermarket.


Attract some wildlife

There are many ways you can attract animals to your garden. Flowers or a bug hotel can encourage insects. Bird feeders can attract squirrels as well as birds and you can encourage hedgehogs by leaving small gaps at the bottom of your fence. Just make sure they are too small for pets to use.


Staying safe

When you are ordering online, ensure that retailers practice safe home deliveries. This will help minimise any risk during the lockdown.

Working on the garden is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and protect your mental health during the lockdown.

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