FAQ: Express Blower

What is the Express Blower?

The Express Blower is a truck equipped with pneumatic (air-powered) blowing equipment and over 120 metres of large capacity, flexible hose. It's used for fast, effective product placement and saves you the time, labour and inconvenience of spreading materials by hand.

How does it work?

Materials are contained in the rear of the truck and fed through its specifically engineered blower system. They are then propelled through the truck's lightweight blower hose, which is handled by a fully trained Operator, for precise product placement and a smooth, professional finish.

All trucks have remote control features meaning Operators can control power and airflow from a distance.  

Installation Clip: Scotbark Express Blower.  Results at 4 Weeks: Express Blower Results.

How big is the truck?

We have three trucks, ranging from 13 metres to 16.5 metres in size. That which best meets the needs of your project will be allocated to your installation.

How long is the hose?

The trucks are equipped with 100 metres of hose as standard. We have longer hoses and hose extensions available, so if you're concerned about access, simply let us know.

What materials can you spread?

Bark, Wood Chip, Compost and Blended Soils.

Can you spread gravel and stones?

We can spread small pebbles (under 14mm) within a short distance, but no further than 60 metres from the truck.

Where can it be used?

Almost anywhere! The Express Blower is ideal for hard to reach areas, where heavy plant equipment is prohibited or access is restricted to enclosed grounds. The lightweight hose offers exceptional flexibility and portability, meaning we can blow into restricted access spaces, leaving everything in-between undisturbed.

We've installed into school playgrounds and enclosed courtyards; onto steep embankments and roof terraces.

Can you blow materials onto roofs?

Yes! We've blown lightweight materials onto roofs 15 metres -20 metres high.

I only have access through a garden gate; what if the truck cannot access my garden?

The truck can be parked in a suitable location, and the hose carried through for the installation. The truck itself does not need direct access.

How long does an installation take?

On average, we install 10m³ in 2-3 hours, including set-up and tidy. Depending on the length of hose used, the time will vary - the greater distance the materials have to travel, the longer it will take.

Who operates the truck and hose?

Our Operator controls the entire installation. He will handle the hose at all times and can control power and airflow from a distance using a remote control.

What do I need to do?

Other than providing us with your initial specifications and answering a few access questions, nothing!

What if I need more materials than I've requested?

We'll always carry extra materials should this be the case - we'll check with you before applying any additional materials.

Where does the Express Blower operate?

Our trucks work across the UK every day. Two trucks operate from our Glasgow Depot, while the third will shortly be based full-time in the North West (Warrington), where our new depot is due to open in Summer 2016.

What are the advantages of using the Express Blower?

It's fast - the Express Blower takes a fraction of the time taken to spread materials by hand.

It's effective - the adjustable flow of materials ensures even coverage, and a smooth, professional finish.  

It's clean - the Express Blower gives precise product placement, without the need for wheelbarrows and hand tools. You don't need to cart products back and forth from the bag to the site, and you'll have no wastage.

It's efficient - our installations offer unrivalled efficiency. The all-inclusive nature of the service means that you don't need to consider logistics, labour or clean-up, we'll take care of it.

Will it damage my plants?

No - don't worry about damage to plants or flower beds. The Operator will reduce airflow across any delicate, planted areas.

How do I book the Express Blower?

Please get in touch to request a quote for your installation - our blower schedule fills up quickly!